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Sujet : Dexter?

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    Sakkouti Array
    septembre 2011


    Dexter is one of the popular tv show. It’s based on the novel. I like this show but don't know what the reason. If anyone here likes this show then share with Why do you like it? I am waiting for your reply.

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    Banned Array
    mai 2008
    3 784

    Re : Dexter?

    J'ai suivi toute la série jusqu'à la fin.

    Je pense qu'il n'y aura plus de nouvelles saisons.

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    Sakkouti Array
    septembre 2012

    Re : Dexter?

    hello friendz,
    Dexter is one of My favorite shows.....I watched all the seasons of this t.v show.All season are very Interesting.This t.v show is very popular.About this show is that this show is a American television series And the starring Actor and Actresses are;
    Michael C. Hall
    Jennifer Carpenter
    Desmond Harrington
    C.S. Lee
    Lauren Vélez
    David Zayas
    James Remar
    Julie Benz
    Erik King

    Now it's 7 Season is coming soon.....


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